I am a citizen of Heaven

December 22, 2018

The orphan spirit
Someone who is easily offended
Or fearful. They don’t feel they can trust authorities. They are worried more about themselves than others. They are jealous. They don’t feel worthy of love deep down.
You don’t want an orphan spirit because this is not the will of God. We are all children of God and when we accept Jesus into our hearts we are sitting at the right hand of the father. This is the Lords destiny for us. To be loved by God and so focused on his love that we won’t need any other love.
I’ve been really wanting to spread this message of identity because there are too many people out there who are lost and depressed. Remember the Lord is strong, loving, and kind. If we were made in his image than why are we sinning all the time and thinking it’s alright. To hate a neighbor with one breath and praise God with the next.
I ask you, just remember who your father is. He sees you as if you were the only child he made and he got you correct on the first try.

Share this message because people need to know how God really feels about them. The orphan spirit can make a real hypocrite out of you. Thank you so much!

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