August 27, 2018

In most houses people don’t leave their lights on while they aren’t home then turn them off when they get there. We normally turn the lights on when we get home mostly so we can see better. Let me explain how this relates to our relationship with Jesus.

When Jesus died for us then rose again three days later, he rescued us and made our sins forgiven. So when the devil tries to tell us lies we must remember who God made us to be. To find this,just read the Bible, the truths about how we should be are everywhere in it.

The Earth is beautiful but the god of this world is Satan which means there is darkness all over it. But even though we make mistakes sometimes, called sins, Jesus died so we won’t be eternally punished by that sin. So if there is an almost default of darkness in the world it is our job to light it up. Wherever we go we light up the room because we have Jesus Christ our savior living in us.

The way I look at it is you can buy a light bulb but you can’t buy a dark bulb. It was a little too bright in my house one day even though no lights were switched on. So I had to shade my eyes from the sun. I quickly realized there wasn’t a light bulb I could put in my ceiling fan that I could turn on which would make the room darker. Therefore only light can conquer the darkness. You can’t put darkness in light or else it will disappear. 

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