Should I read the Bible?

July 7, 2018

Reading the Bible is a very important thing to do in life,however, many people neglect to do this for a countless amount of reasons. If you just stick with it, you and the people who know you, will notice a difference in who you are. So, as you continue reading, let’s get excited to learn more about who God made you to be. 

Let’s start with why you want to read the Bible. In the Bible there are key guidelines and words that teach us the way to live a purposeful life. Life isn’t hard when you have God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. It starts to get hard when you do everything with your own strength. Rather than doing it yourself lean onto the word of God which says no weapon formed against us shall prosper.

What can keep me reading the Bible? setting up an alarm on your phone every morning can make your schedule more consistent. Even if you just start reading one verse one day, then, who knows... you might not be able to put it down.

Life in Jesus versus life in this world. As you grow closer in your relationship with Jesus be prepared for other people’s thoughts. Since you’re getting into a place of peace, the devil will want to knock you down, but consider these moments joy because it’s in trial when our faith is shown the most. We have Jesus in us so if the world hated him, they will hate us too. It may seem crazy at first to be all out for Jesus, but once you surrender everything you are to him, you’re life will never be the same. It’s love, the love that let him become sin and die so we will be washed clean of a perverted heart. Every name will bow to the name of Jesus. The darkness trembles to its knees in shame but we bow down to our king in worship and reverence.

Comment if you have a testimony about how reading the Bible has grown your relationship with Jesus.

Bible Reading Tip... start with Matthew or John then read the rest from there. Reading the Old Testament first could confuse you if you are new to the Bible. 


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