Fear Vs. Love

April 17, 2018

There is a thing called fear and there is a thing called Love. You can only have one of these things in your life. The Bible says multiple times that we have one master and one enemy, and that we should love one and hate the other. One will pick you up and the other will make you fall.


Let’s talk about fear first so we can end on a rejoicefull note. Fear is of the devil, so because the devil is a deceiver, that makes fear a lie which has no place in our heart. Fear can make you give up or miss out on opportunities that God has put in your life. Today is our chance to repent for any lies we have thought or said like, “I can’t do it” or ”that might make me look foolish”. The good thing is there is nothing you can do that God won’t forgive and forget. Your past is gone and can’t be the reason for you not to love. Just put everything you have to Jesus. 


Now love, love is what cancels out fear. Love is praying for the haters. 

When you go out into the world with love you won’t be in defensive mode all the time. When you look at a situation with love, then fear won’t even enter your mind. We have Jesus and every name will bow at his name. Yes even darkness has to bow, nothing is stronger than the king of kings! But guess what, we actually have him in our heart! Our body is a temple that houses the Lord.


Let the seed of Love be watered in your heart today by continuing to choose love rather than fear. With God all things are possible. I don’t wanna hear anybody’s thoughts saying, “oh I’m not good enough, I’m unforgivable”. Although we may make mistakes, we aren’t a mistake!


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