How to hear God’s voice

October 12, 2017

Everybody wants to know what the right thing to do is. If you learn to listen to God’s voice you can hear him talk to you. Read this and you’ll be hearing God in no time. 


There are lots of moments you hear a voice in your head telling you right from wrong. The world calls it your conscience but that voice is actually the Holy Spirit telling you to or not to do something. Once you figure out how to differentiate the Holy Spirit from other thoughts, you will hear God more easily. God talks through the Holy Spirit. 


This could take more practice for some than others. If you have background knowledge of the Bible you will know the way God talks. The way he talked to Moses, Abraham, and Noah is not much different than how he talks to us. Sometimes he will give us signs.


When God told Noah to build an arch, he supplied him with the correct wood. Abraham had a couple of signs from God too. One sign was when God asked him to count the stars and however much stars there were that’s how much offspring he’ll have. In relation to our life when God tells you to do something, but you want to make sure it’s him, he will give you a sign.

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